Roof Bar + Spots + LED + Amber Beacons + Air Horns + Clamps For DAF XF 105 Space

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High quality hand polished Stainless Steel Spot Light Roof Bar + Flush LEDs x7 (White x5 and Amber x2) + Jumbo Spots x6 + Amber Lens / White LED Beacons x2 + Single Barrel Trumpet Air Horns x2 + Clamps to suit DAF XF 105 Space Cab.

Please Note: Sale is for Roof Bar + LEDs x7 + Jumbo Spots x6 + Amber Lens / White LED Beacons x2 + Single Barrel Trumpet Air Horns x2 + Clamps. Pictures are for reference only. Items supplied are pictured individually.

The bar is 63mm diameter and fits neatly on to your truck. Made from high quality SUS 304 grade stainless steel material, these top of the range bars give a full mirror stainless look to your truck. Our bars present a quality product for your truck at a reasonable price which also includes anti-break, anti-fade lifetime warranty. Please be aware of other bars that use a cheaper lower grade of material that will fade and lose its shine after a few months of use, our products won't.

Comes with Amber Lens / White LED Flashing Strobe Beacon x2. Special super bright High Powered 40 Watt LED Flashing Strobe Beacon. This stylish beacon comes in a high impact plastic housing with reinforced lense ensuring a reliable long lasting unit. As they are fully waterproof there is an unlimited number of applications they can be used for.

Also included are Jumbo Oval Style Spot Lights x6 (9.5 inch/245 mm) with additional park / side light LED function. Parking LED light bulb is integrated into lamps which illuminate when the side lights are switched on. This results in the lamps having 2 functions - main beam and park light beam.

With 2x Single Barrel Trumpet Air Horns (non rusting) made from chrome plated brass for mounting to truck light bars. Can also be mounted directly to a flat surface. This air horn is of high quality and manufactured in Italy, not to be confused with cheaper Chinese products. Comes complete with fixing hardware, excluding control valves.

Dimension: Overall Length: 189 cm

  • Highest quality SUS 304 grade stainless steel.
  • High quality Spot Lights carries full E-MARK for use on UK and European roads.
  • 40 Watt Amber Lens with White LED Beacon - Polycarbonate / Aluminium Casing.
  • Easy fitting.
  • Instructions and fitting kit included.
  • Stainless Lifetime.
  • Bar does NOT come pre-wired as standard.
  • Can be supplied pre-wired. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Horn: Dimensions approx: Length: 615mm
  • Horn: Distance between fixing points approx: 360mm
  • Horn: Mouth Ø cm: 15
  • Horn: 118db - Super Loud.
  • Sale includes Roof Bar + Flush LEDs x7 (White x5 and Amber x2) + Jumbo Spots x6 + Amber Lens / White LED Beacons x2 + Single Barrel Trumpet Air Horns x2 + Clamps.
  • Fits DAF XF 105 Space Cab.
  • Comes with 6 spot light brackets, beacon brackets x2 and mounting kit as standard.
  • As with any roof bar for this model drilling will be required.
  • Email & phone technical support.